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Spring RestTemplate

Client-Side HTTP Access We have all been in the situation where we need to access a remote API, to return JSON or XML data.  We then have to take that data and transform it, via JSON object mappers or XML … Continue reading

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AssertJ vs JUnit Assert

JUnit is a very popular test framework, which includes a package commonly referred to as assertions.  Assertions allow us to inspect variables in our test methods, to assert they either have been instantiated or have certain values. This short blog post will discuss the … Continue reading

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Aspect Oriented Programming

Quick introduction to aspect oriented programming in a Spring project, by introducing readers to a Logger aspect; implementing logging functionality across your solution in one location. Continue reading

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Jersey 2.x Filters

I have recently completed work on an HTTP request filter, and thought to share my experiences with implementing and designing it. I will give a quick introduction to what filters are and finish with a small example of a filter … Continue reading

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Dropwizard and Spring Boot

I recently accepted a position as a developer in a shop that uses Dropwizard for wiring up REST APIs, using Google’s Guice as an IoC container. You can read more on Inversion of Control here. So I had to take a step back and understand what I was working with, relative to what I was accustomed to using.

This post will help to convey my humble views on these two, lightweight frameworks. Both frameworks are open source, and can be found here: Dropwizard and Spring Boot. When discussing these frameworks, I will contrast them using these categories: Continue reading

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