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Spring RestTemplate

Client-Side HTTP Access We have all been in the situation where we need to access a remote API, to return JSON or XML data.  We then have to take that data and transform it, via JSON object mappers or XML … Continue reading

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Aspect Oriented Programming

Quick introduction to aspect oriented programming in a Spring project, by introducing readers to a Logger aspect; implementing logging functionality across your solution in one location. Continue reading

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Dropwizard and Spring Boot

I recently accepted a position as a developer in a shop that uses Dropwizard for wiring up REST APIs, using Google’s Guice as an IoC container. You can read more on Inversion of Control here. So I had to take a step back and understand what I was working with, relative to what I was accustomed to using.

This post will help to convey my humble views on these two, lightweight frameworks. Both frameworks are open source, and can be found here: Dropwizard and Spring Boot. When discussing these frameworks, I will contrast them using these categories: Continue reading

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