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Jersey 2.x Filters

I have recently completed work on an HTTP request filter, and thought to share my experiences with implementing and designing it. I will give a quick introduction to what filters are and finish with a small example of a filter … Continue reading

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Java Singleton Class Vs. Java Static Methods/Variables: Are They The Same?

The title has an important distinction. Note the Java programming language reference. Singleton classes and statically typed classes are implemented differently in various languages. But for the purposes of this blog post, I will discuss this topic in terms of … Continue reading

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Reversing a Linked List

A common interview challenge, for software engineers/developers, is to implement an algorithm to reverse a linked list. Although this is not very common in practice, it is a good way to infer your knowledge of linked lists and how to … Continue reading

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Graph Problem

A few years ago I had an interesting interview question: Given a graph, determine whether there are any cyclical relationships between the nodes. This graph also has simple paths/edges, in that all edges go in one direction, i.e. they are … Continue reading

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